• World Cuisine A1737316 Red 1.75 Qt Round Dutch Oven with Lid

World Cuisine A1737316 Red 1.75 Qt Round Dutch Oven with Lid

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Brand Paderno World Cuisine
For over 80 years, Paderno (Italy) has been a leading company in the manufacturing of professional cookware and kitchen utensils. The company is constantly engaged in enhancing the quality of its products and consistently complies with the most recent laws relating to public health and safety. For this purpose, the new factory in Orfengo, Novara, near Milan, is equipped with a modern laboratory with high technology instruments (X-rays, atomic absorption, etc.), which enables Paderno to carry out its own chemical tests on the raw materials used and check their conformity to the standards required. Special attention is paid to the environment and to general safety. The primary use of the Dutch oven is to slowly braise or simmer. The ability oven to evenly distribute makes it perfect for tenderizing any cut of meat for stews or heavy cassoulets. It is enameled twice. The first layer protects against corrosion and is a primer for the color. The second layer adds durability and color. Twice enameled Bronze knob Compatible with standard stovetops induction ranges and conventional ovens Heat resistant up to 400 degree fahrenheit Material: Cast iron Diameter: 6.25 Cleaning and Care: Dishwasher Safe Red Finish
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