• Take Me Home/Long Road Home/Lead Me Home/Feels Like Home

Take Me Home/Long Road Home/Lead Me Home/Feels Like Home

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Long Road Home Wyatt Locke is returning to the Last Chance Ranch to try and make peace with a family he hardly knows when he comes across beauty therapist Olivia Sedgewick stranded on the side of the road. As it turns out, most of the Chance clan is away for the weekend, and Olivia proves to be a very delicious distraction Lead Me Home Thanks to his skills with difficult horses, trainer Matthew Tredway is headed to The Last Chance Ranch. But after one glance at Aurelia Smith the ranch's hot cook Matthew's libido is set to sizzle! Before long they're cooking up a storm, in and out of the bedroom! Feels Like Home When city slicker Rafe Locke arrives at the Last Chance Ranch for his brother's wedding, Rafe refuses to buy into the whole cowboy thing. That is, until he sees engineer Meg Seymour a city girl gone country and she hits his libido with a bullseye! It's not long before she's enticed Rafe into riding, roping, country dancingand gettin' naked in bed!
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